Amber Store - Reviews
Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Amber Store - Reviews

Hello all friends,

I am the owner of and I started this eCommerce website with a view that I will provide the Quality products to my customers. I came to know about lot of wholesellers and I reached many of them. After doing lot of hard work, I shortlisted few of them and one of them was Amber Store.

Bottom Line

Without going into much detail, my first and last impression is that they sold you only rubbish with a statement that their products are imported one. That might be true, but trust me I am very dissappointed from the products which I received from them. 

How they are Capturing Re-Sellers.

They post videos and they asks several VLoggers to come to their store and then they randomly open the boxes in front of camera and at this point, you become a fool in which they are expert. 

How did they treated me

When I reached them out and requested them that I need to start my own eCommerce website and for that purpose I need a reliable wholesellers. After listening this, they provided me their whatsapp number and said that they will share me a video of an open box, and I can order that same box in case if I like it. This was so much appealing that without giving a second though, I asked them to share the video. They shared a very short video by saying "Video Lambi ho jae gi, is lye yeh short video bhej raha hun". In that video, I was only able to see some boxes which were good in size and I immediately asked that send that to me and at the same time I sent them advance full payment.

What was in the Box?

  • In the box, there were 12 tactical light in good condition, but damaged packing, which is acceptable for me.
  • I got lot of knives (used knifes), and I am sure that those were added in the box, just to increase the weight of the box. 
  • In the box, there were third and very low quality of indoor antena which are useless in country like Pakistan (Total waste)
  • Third and low quality of Home Theater TV Box. 
  • Zoom lense, mobile tripods which are easily available in Lahore at extremely cheap price. These zoom lense are useless since the advent of smart phones after the 2010 atleast. (Total waste)
  • Few card shield (In good condition, but no one use it in these days).
  • 5 to 6 Smart watch, (Please do not get excited, they are extremely of low quality and I will not recommend that to anyone), still I hope that I can sale these watches.
  • 4 reflexology insole (It is something for the massage of feet and to make blood circulation good). It is a good product.
  • And that is it.

Real Face of Amber Store

  • They make you fool (atleast they successfully fooled me)
  • They are good in markeeting and everyone says that hey, Amber Store is good and you will get branded things at cheap price (i.e. Price is per KG)

To see the real face, please see the below video. The creator of this video is expert in exposing people and companies like Amber Store etc.


Do not buy anything from Amber Store as they will send you only rubbish things. 

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